Best Way to Grow Hot Chili Peppers

Chili pepper is actually a genus of Capsicum and there are five great families of peppers. The most popular pepper are Capsicum annuum, which also includes cayenne, bell peppers and wax peppers. Chili peppers comes not only in red and green but also in yellow color. Yellow color peppers are great to consume when fried or used in jellies. Chilies are the second most popular food consumed across the world by quantity and it contains the highest quantity of vitamin C.

Best Way to Grow Hot Chili PeppersChili pepper plant is actually a perennial shrub grows with woody stem and blooms white color flowers. Chilies commonly grown in India because of tropical climate. Chili pods varies in size, shape, color and pungency depending on the cultivar type.

Chilies can be grown in outdoor or in indoor garden, since they just need sun, and plenty of heat, water and also a high level of humidity. Grow your own chili peppers from seeds. Buy seeds within your local nursery or you can scrape out the chili seeds from the pepper you purchased from supermarket. Dry the seeds well before you plant them. The ideal time to plant chilies are in warmer climates, for indoor gardening January or February is the best time to plant peppers.

For faster germination, take 6 to 7 seeds in a paper towel and wet them using sprayer. Seal the wet paper towel in a plastic bag and keep them in a very warm place ensure the temperature for germination should be 70 to 75 degree F. check out the seeds everyday and mist them with water when they become dry. It nearly takes 10 days for the seeds to sprout. Transplant the seedlings into a well-draining small pot using the combination of peat and perlite. Keep your seedlings in a warm place under the grow lights. Water the plant every single day and within a couple of weeks the seedling will set true leaves. Keep them indoors till it grows up to 3 to 4 inch.

Transplant your hot pepper plants into a big container and place them where they can get 6 – 7 hours of direct sunlight. Water them everyday because they need a lot of moisture. Feed them with a well-balanced base nutrients 15-15-15, while growing season and with bloom boosters while blooming season. Hot pepper plants can take 90 days to produce peppers after germination. If you are intending to grow indoors, then choose dwarf ornamental pepper varieties since this type of pepper works best for indoor gardening. Harvest chilies peppers when they are fully ripe, once they reach in their full size or change to its final color harvest them.

Chili pepper plants produce is a medicinal thing it combats prostate kind of cancer, herpes and diabetic issues, and is a natural painkiller, helping those fighting with arthritis and headaches. In addition, it speeds up our metabolism.

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