How to Grow Best Strawberries in Your Garden

Strawberries are grown most widely worldwide because of their sweetness, juicy, aromatic and bright red in color. Strawberries have an excellent source of vitamin c and flavonoids and also rich in antioxidant. This fruit is consumed largely in many ways like fruit juice, pies, ice creams, milkshakes, biscuits, chocolates and also eaten fresh.

How to Grow Best Strawberries in Your Garden

Strawberry best grown in US, from January to November but peak season is April to June. Other country have shorter growing seasons that range from 5 months to few weeks in the coldest areas. There are sum six hundred varieties of strawberries are grown worldwide but the best strawberry plant to grow in your garden is June bearing, Everbearing and Day Neutral.

Choose the best strawberry variety to plant, basically ever bearing strawberries are the most popular among growers. It is best to grow outdoors and indoors. June bearing strawberries plant produce fruit about two months after planting and it is best to grow in early to mid summer.

Buy strawberry plants from your nearby local nurseries or from online. Before you purchase the plant, examine the plant health and leaves properly if you see any poor signs on the plant then don’t buy it. Plant the strawberry plant in a container or in ground as soon as you purchase them. Don’t keep for long in their store bought pots because it will lead to root bound and there might be a risk of losing your plant.

Best time to plant strawberries are in summer. For outdoor growing, choose a location where the plant can get lot of direct sunlight. Strawberries need at least 8 hours of direct sun everyday. Prepare well drained soil with a pH around 5.5 to 6.8 as strawberries prefer slightly acidic soil. Amend the soil with lot of compost or decomposed organic rich material to enrich the soil texture. Make sure you clean the area by removing weeds and any leftover roots. Carefully remove the plant from the store container and keep them to soak in a bucket of water. While doing this make sure not to hurt or damage the roots.

Place the plant in the soil keeping the crown above the soil line. If you are planting more than one plant then give a space about 35-40 cm for each plant or 18 inches apart. Water the plants regularly. Don’t over water or under water the plants. Water your plants 1 inch per week when the soil becomes dry. Apply base nutrients or soluble organic fertilizer such as seaweed to your plants.

Let the plant grow strong root system, so when the plant start flowering remove it this will help the plant grow more vigorously. If the plant start producing runners, keep only three daughters and removed rest of them. Check your strawberry plant regularly and protect your strawberry fruits from birds. All the fruit to ripe in plant itself. Harvest only if the fruit becomes red in color.

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