Planting and Growing Your Own Grapes

Grapes is undoubtedly an awesome fruit and is particularly considered as a berry. There are generally more than 8,000 varieties of grapes throughout the world. Grapes are high in water content, Vitamin K, C and good for hydration. Grapes are used as a multi-purpose fruit, like they are made use of in wines, jams, candies and also eaten raw.

Growing Grapes

Basically grapes are grown from cuttings or from grafting, but you may also grow grapes from seed. Find out about what varieties grow well in your region, If you are planning to grow your own grapes and choose the very best variety to grow.

Growing grapes from seeds:

Buy the best quality of grape seeds from your local nursery or from online and be sure they are viable and healthy one. Wash the seeds and soak them in distilled water for 24 hours. Before you plant the seed you need to stratify the grape seeds. Best time to stratify grape seed is in December month. Use peat moss, because it is an excellent choice that will help remove seed damaging mold. Cover the seed with a paper towel or put them in a plastic bag and refrigerate in a perfect temperature for approximately 35 to 40 degree Fahrenheit i.e 1 to 3 degree Celsius for two to three months and be sure you do not freeze them.

Plant the seeds in a container using a sandy loam soil, since it is the best soil for growing grapes and plant them in early spring. Use suitable soil for planting them in soil. For germination the grape seed should be kept warm for 70 degree Fahrenheit i.e 20 degree Celsius in a daytime and 60 degree Fahrenheit i.e 15 degree Celsius in the night time. Water or simply just mist the soil everyday to keep the soil moist but not soggy. Grape seed will take 2 to 8 weeks to germinate. As soon as the plant grows to about 3 inch, transplant them into a larger container.

Growing grapes from cuttings:

Take a grapevine cuttings directly from the healthy vine. The cutting should be at least 3 nodes long. Cut the node into an angle i.e 45 degrees at the base of the node. Grapevines are long term plants, so choose a location where it can grow healthy.

Grapes prefer well-draining sandy loam soil with pH level of 5.5 to 7.5. They require at least 7 to 8 hours of full sun. Prepare a support like trellis or fence to support your grape plant grow healthy. Grapes grows best when you feed them with nutrients but make sure you feed them lighter. While growing season they require base nutrients and when they start blooming apply any bloom boosters. Grapes takes upto three years to start producing fruit. Check out the growth of the grape vine, keep only the strongest shoots and clip off the thin ones. This will help the plant grow stronger and vigorously.

Allow the grapes to mature in the vine, as it wont ripe once picked prematurely. Harvest all the grapes fruits after ripening and enjoy the tastiest and delicious fruit. Prune your grapevine after harvesting but only when the plant is in dormant period. Cut off all the dead, damaged, thin vines so that you grow the healthy one.

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